The instructor explains that they will call out different things that may or may not apply to each individual. Then run into the middle, if the thing does apply to you personally, hop in the air, and do a high 5.
Some suggestions are below, although an inventory of about 20 things should be tailored to the particular group, setting, and application targets. Generally the items are of a “Have You Ever….?” form, but also free to ad lib, e.g., “Does Anyone Have….?”
Items should be carefully considered in order to prevent embarrassment, ridicule, etc.
The motivation of participants to participate often needs some amping up. Make an effort to do some other warm ups first. The rest is down to the leader’s skill in supporting and demonstrating.

List of Possible “Have Your Ever?” Items:

  1. Have you ever ever climbed to the highest point in your country of birth?
  2. Maybe you have resided abroad for more than 1?
  3. Have you ever sung karaoke?
  4. Perhaps you have ever been for more than 2 weeks?
  5. Have you got both a sister and a brother?
  6. Have you ever ever ridden a horse?
  7. Have you ever ever eaten frogs’ legs?
  8. Are you able to talk 3 or more languages?
  9. Have you ever been in love?
  10. Have you ever swum in 3 or more distinct oceans?
  11. Have you ever ever flown an aeroplane?
  12. Have more or 3 bones broken in the body?
  13. Perhaps you have done volunteer work sometime in the past month?
  14. Have you ever ever free-climbed a tree or rockface over 10 meters?
  15. Perhaps you have had a close relative who lived to over 100?
  16. Have you ever ever cooked a meal for more than 20 individuals by yourself?
  17. Maybe you have ever been parachuting or done a bungee jump?
  18. Can you not click your fingers on your non-dominant hand?
  19. Have you ever seen a polar bear?

Participants can create their own questions. Here’s one way. Individuals are sitting in a circle. Everyone has a chair (or rope ring or hula hoop) except the individual who is IT, standing in the centre.
The person in the middle inquires a “Have You Ever” question that is accurate for him/her self e.g., “have you ever climbed a mountain over 10,000 feet?”

Anyone whose response is “yes” gets up and goes to an empty seat. Thus, if four people get up they make an effort to trade seats as fast as possible. The individual who asked the question tries to quickly gain a seat, leaving one other person without a seat and they become the new IT.
In selecting a question, participants can attempt for questions which show something e.g., ?have you ever trekked the Great Wall of China?? or ask simple questions like ?maybe you have fallen off of a bicycle??
Pileup variation: Anyone can ask a question and you go one space to your own right and sit for the reason that seat when you can answer yes to the question. If you are unable to answer yes to the question, you remain seated in the seat where you are. This means somebody may be coming to sit on your lap in the seat to your left. Sometimes you get three and four people sitting in sort of a lap-style game on top of you.

Afterward, when they ask the following question to go one space to the right by replying yes, they peel off one at a time sit down and you wind up on top. It creates some very interesting combinations. Physical touching reveals something about folks and it breaks the ice so that folks can then begin to feel more comfortable talking about and doing other novel things.

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