The Would You Rather Game

Whats up beautiful piece? It is boa and welcome to another article this time around we’re going to be playing a game called would you rather. So basically this game is us choosing between two options. We have to choose between the two not so good, or good options or one bad Hard options… go choose one of the following and if you like you’re welcome to play as long as well just leave them in the comment. But yeah so question number one oh I’m waiting for my phone too so question number one…

So, let’s start with the round of would you rather questions:

Would you rather

Would you rather smell like poop and not know it or constantly smell smell poop that nobody else can’t smell?

I would rather smell poop then smell like poop because I don’t want people to say oh that’s dirty cow nothing. Hey that’s no lie can already smell poop then smell like poop I don’t know, but it’s poop.

Coco, I mean girl for your life knows I’m a tomato question. Okay, I would rather smell like poop cuz I don’t want to smell. Anybody huh what my mom you know selling an open you’re my sister. I mean I know it’s my own poop anyway special.


Would you rather eat a roadkill for the rest of the light for the rest of your life or have everyone else in the world?

Sounds like Gilbert God first but right, well hey lady cuz I know what this duty I don’t know myself loose without to say was it off right although fridge I don’t know…but yeah roadkill sounds really good. Like I mean I will rather eat a whole can I remember to do it okay.


Would you rather have your taste buds on your butt or would you rather poop through your mouth?

All right, have it on my butt think I’ll rather have my teeth but first we’re not before to give you the stuff to taste you give their your butt. No, I think we hooking to your mommy know my-my taste but my taste was in my butt and took too much.


Would you rather always have to say everything on your mind or never be  able to speak again

I’ll rather do everything in my mind I’m with that girl. I would rather stay here is on my mind they’re not able to sit at all I rather fries I guess are you doing fire myself okay


Would you rather be itchy for the rest of your life or be sticky for the rest of your life?

I think I rather be sticky because the itchy Nah… do you know but then you’re itchy is like happy not to be pop… Oh Vicki an itchy clientele to be eaten either like how do they need because no no I have to choose one you can little  nigga now we are it picks you to know me huh.


Would you rather go through life with a perpetual cold sore on your mouth or go through life with a booger hanging from your nose?

I think Booger again I can put it out of ice disgusting but now I think it’s no more your body you know that exercising its right yeah that’s right that’s right juicy all right yeah we do I think I’ll rather have that than always figured out like cool or whatever.

Okay, next question…


would you rather only be able to listen to Nickelback song or read all 56 pages of iTunes terms and conditions every day for this of your life?

I think that was the first one even though I don’t know what it is I don’t know what this is but I rather listen to Nickelback. Ya yes!

Yeah, finally

would you rather pry off your tongue nail with a fork or put a toothpick under your big toe nails and kick it?

okay, I will refer to a beautiful the work you a like pry your tongue you like you know hold the fort in all of the duct tapes was I right about the first one why I thought you know I know that your life.. okay next question…


would you rather know when you’re going to die or know how you’re going to die?

Turn the tough question, and I was later added, but absolutely please I’ll just sleep… I’m going to heaven diurnal every first time my piano and drive all that’s like but as jus.

Hey okay with now you know you want to know when you’re going to die or yours no higher Wednesday right!

If you know how is even more perspiration. I think I’ll know “when.” yeah so that I can pray to God to forgive my sins. You know and bad why I swore to God to fully forgive my sins and was like what’s it all about to die Yuji boy…

All night like yours and then when there’s one minute to death go to God and pray to forgive my sins…


So, that brings us the end of this segment is a fun article and if you like you can answer one or two or more all the questions down below let us know what you think, and I guess you have read the previous article, oh no wait you need to.